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Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

Our stabilizer is designed to provide constant electricity and causes desired productivity. It features to correct voltage automatically and continuously, offers continuous energy without any disruption within the waveform to help the device work efficiently and for a long time.

Technical Specification
Capacity 1 Kva To 500 Kva (Single Phase)
Capacity 3 Kva To 2000 Kva (Three Phase)
Input Voltage Range 150 V - 270 V, 170 V To 270 V (Single Phase)
Input Voltage Range 260 V To 470 V, 300 V To 470 V (Three Phase)
Input Voltage Range (Other Ranges Available On Special Order)
Output Voltage 230 V / 240 V Single Phase (Adjustable)
Output Voltage 400 V To 415 V Three Phase (Adjustable)
Supply Frequency 47 Mhz - 53 Hz
Efficiency > 98.6%
Duty Cycle 100% Continuous
Response Time Less Than 10 Ms
Overload Capabilities Up To 200% Momentarily
Suitability Suitable For 3 Phase Unbalanced/Balanced
Supply & Unbalanced/Balanced Load
Ambient Temperature -100 C To 500 C

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)


These stabilizers allow you to conveniently switch between manual and auto operating modes, with over and under voltage indicators that can keep you informed. Our IC controlled electronic circuit ensures positive switching, making it more reliable & durable. Since our products are installed with unique designed vacuum impregnated transformer, it ensures less heating, high efficiency & low power consumption. Rigorously tested as per IS specifications. These stabilizers work over a wide range of input frequencies without any kind of waveform distortion. By using them, you can enjoy high levels of reliability with high performance control circuits.

Technical Specification
Phase Single / Three
Input Voltage 160 - 260 V; 140 - 258 V; 120 - 285 V
Output Voltage 200 - 240 V
Efficiency >95% At Full Load
Capacity 0.25 Kva - 10 Kva (Single Pahse)
3 Kva - 30 Kva (Three Pahse))

L-T Isolation Transformer


Isolation transformers are a type of transformer, designed to have primary input and secondary output windings. Both these windings are separated with the help of an electric insulation barrier. Therefore, in case of any fault, the power is not transferred to next stage. Isolation Transformer converts or transformers the current or AC voltage from one level to another level. It does it's the principle of isolating different sections of electrical systems to stop current flow. The transformer transfers electrical power from a source of alternating current energy to a device. To ensure safety measure, the powered device is isolated from the power source.

Technical Specification
Input Single / Three Phase Application
Rating From 0.5 To 750 Kva
Regulation Better Than 3% (Approx.)
Connection Delta / Star Fro 3 Phase
Operating Power Factor -0.75 To + 0.75 (0.75 Lagging To Leading)
Dielectric Strength 2500 V For 60 Sec
Resistance Better Than 1000 Mega Ohms
Coupling Capacitance Less Than 0.1 Pf
Noise Rejection A) Isolation - Up To 100 Db
B) Ultra Isolation - More Than 130 Db

On-Line UPS


Economical data saver system as well as outcome of perfect understanding of end use application, utilization of MOSFET technology for higher efficiency with latest Power conversion Techniques which employ excellent line filtering devices.Our UPS is perfect for PCs, PC XT / ATS, Micro and Mini computers, peripherals, Biomedical / Analytical equipments etc.

Technical Specification
Input 160 V - 260 V
Output 220v + 7% (On Line Mode)
220v + 3% (On Battery Mode)
Frequency Same As Input (On Mains Mode)
50 Hz + 1% (On Battery Mode)
Technology Mosfet Based Pwm Line Interactive Design.
Transfer Time (Typical) Less Than 3 Ms
Battery Type (Smf) 12 V - 6.8/7.6 Ah
90% Recharge Time 3 To 4 Hours
Aidio Visual Ac Charging Ac Normal
Indications Inverter On Battery Low
Protections Batt. Deep Discharge
/ Batt. Over Charge / Short Circuit

Static Voltage Stabilizer (IGBT)


Our IGBT type Static Stabilizers are most suitable for fast, step-less and accurate Voltage regulation. These systems are built on state of the art technology with dual voltage & current tracking with robust algorithm to ensure that sensitive loads are effectively protected from grid voltage variations. The basic topology uses a buck-boost transformer with higher primary secondary ratio for voltage corrections upto +1- 25%. The Voltage correction is achieved electronically without any step changes in voltage during regulation.

Technical Specification
Regulator Technology High Frequency 20k Hz IGBT Driven Voltage Regulation Converter. Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Controlled Direct AC To AC 32 Bit Digital Converter Topology. 7" Coloured Touch Interface (Optional) Synchronised Operation Of 3 Phase Converters Closed Loop Control
Input 230 Volts AC, 1-Phase, 2 Wire, 50Hz
Nominal Voltage 400 Volts AC, 3-Phase, 4 Wire, 50Hz
Input Nominal Operating Voltage Range 1. 195V-265V/200V-260V/170V-300V AC, 1-Phase, 2 Wire, 50 Hz 2. 340V-460V/350V-450V/300V-500V, AC, 3-Phasse, 4 Wire, 50Hz (Other Ranges Available On Specific Order)
Output Nominal Voltage 230/400V +1-0.5% AC, Single /Three Phase
Input Nominal Frequency 50 Hz + /-5%
Reaction Time leas then 100 Us
Efficiency Better Than 98.5%
Protections Over Current Protection Output Under/Over Voltage Protection Semiconductor Fuses Soft Start Facility ( Stabilized Output Voltage, On Mains Restoration) Typer 2 Surge Suppressors Output Contactor/MCCB (Optional) Input MCCB/MCB (Optional)
Metering Input /Output Voltage Input /Output Current Frequency
MMI (Optional) 7" Coloured Interface (Optional) Input/Output Voltages Input /Output Current Current/Voltage Waveforms Operator Activity Log Stack Temperaure Converter Current
Enviroment Indoor IP 42 Ambient Temperature - Upto 50 Degree Relative Humidity : 95% (Non Condensing)
Available Ratings 3 Phase : 6 KVA - 500 KVA / 1 Phase : 2 KVA - 50 KVA

Linear Servo Voltage Regulator (Roller Type)

Linear Voltage Regulator

Linear Voltage regulators employ vertical windings with Carbon Rollers on both sides of the coil. Linear technology employs heavy section of electrolytic grade rectangular Copper Strip, in order to minimize the losses. The core is built from grain oriented silicon steel laminations to keep the losses to the minimum. This is suitable for 100% continuous duty & have the capability to adhere to heavy inrush starting Loads.

Roller Carbon Brush

The Roller brush technology gives high reliability due to less wear & tear, as the surface area in contact keeps on changing during the stabilization process. The roller contact is fitted with spring tension behind to keep the roller intact with coil for trouble free operation. There are self lubricationg roller assemblies with a life span of appx. 1 lac track meters.

Special Features

  • Higher Overload Capability for high inrush & regenerating currents of Induction Motors.
  • Machine wound Variable Linear Voltage regulators.
  • Specially designed Transformers to minimize losses, with CRGO/CRNO Laminations.
  • 99.9% purity electrolytic Conductors used for regulators.
  • Microprocessor Based Control Circuits used for correction.
  • All components used are of reputed makes, confirming to relevant IS/BS standards.
  • Technical Specification
    Capacity 10 KVA To 5000 KVA ( Three Phase )
    Input Voltage Range 350V-450V,
    340V-460V, 330V-470V. 320V-480V, 300V-500V
    Output Voltage 400V/415V, Three Phase
    Regulation (± )1.0 °/0( )
    Supply Frequency 47 Hz - 53 Hz
    Efficiency Better Than 99%
    Rate Of Correction 6-8V/Sec
    Duty Cycle 100% Continuous
    Cooling AN/ONAN
    Over Load Capacity Upto 150% Momentarily
    Suitability Suitable For 3Ph. Unbalanced/Balanced Supply & Load

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